lunedì 11 ottobre 2010

sabato 9 ottobre 2010

Great Chance For Everyone

Wow :D today I was checking Stardoll contest ( thing I never do u.u ) and I saw a very interesting contest that can be a chance for everyone.
It is a Lyrics contest :D
You just have to write a Lyric in the bar and join the contest :]
It is a great chance for all because to win we dont need to have a wonderful medoll / suite :D
So, will you join?? ;D
Let us know(:

Click HERE to go in the contest page :]
Good luck!♥

Look Of The Day

Hi, I am very sorry because yesterday I was veerrry busy so I couldnt post the Day's Look, but now you ll check today one ;D
So here it is:

- High Heel Sandals - STARDOLL GIRL
- Leopard Print Coat - STARDOLL GIRL
- Metal Collar Dress - STARDOLL GIRL
- Hotbuys Leather Bag - BISOU

I am going to spend 46 sds for this look! o.o
Do you like it? *-*
Will it be your next look? ;3


New Hotbuys Bag

Hello girls :D finally new hotbuys bag is out.
It costs 7 sd and it can be found in the shop bisou.
Of course it is for Superstar Only -.-"
( sorry for the too little image xD )

What d
What do you think of it?
Will you buy?
Will it find a place in your new outfit?
Here it is real version one:

It is inspired by Topshop like most of this month hotbuys.
Thanks to .Marcela.. and to her blog Hotbuys Addicted for the picture !

Click the words to visit .Marcela.. and to visit her blog x3

Opera Mistery , What we had?

Hey Guys,
toady i will talk to you about opera mistery Gifts that for now we had.
As said.. We must wait every day , until the secret messagge will be reveal , for know what will get at the end of this [boring ^^] game..

As said , the whole messagge is the following :: 
" 4 keys open the secret entrance" 
the text with a line on , means the word that now we've done ;D
and here a picture of the gifts that for now we have : 

 each of you guys, have this items!
I think that the best is the column, for now ;D

so guys, let us know.. 

 what's your favourite item?

venerdì 8 ottobre 2010

10-10-10 - 10th October 2010

Hey guys!
Have you taked a look to our new grapich of blog? ;D
hope you like it, i maded it.

Anyway , let me show you a new mail sended by Stardoll today, for advertise you about a special day.. that stardoll has called ONE DAY on EARTH .
i'm talikng about the 10th october 2010 ;D
idk why they called it ONE DAY ON EARTH.. by the way that all of you has live on world at least for ten years +
by the way.. stardoll will give us [added at play & earn, so countable in teh limits of 70$] 10$ to spend in that day.
Anyway look to yourself in your mail box.. or take a look to this pic.


giovedì 7 ottobre 2010

Hotbuys top is finally out :D It can be found in RIO shop, it costs 12 sd and of course it is for superstars only :/
It is inspired by Alex Mabille, under you can see the real version ( thanks to for the image)
Do you like it? ;D
Will you buy it? :D
Tell us :D

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010

Interview to miss_lolitaF (1part)

first interview , for our Miss_lolitaF
what she think about our blog? Who is She? Where Does She live? & more thinqz.. only here :D

gretii <3: Hi lolita, nice to meet you :) i'm really happy that you accept to be interview by me :) so... we know you as Miss_lolitaF on stardoll, as one of the most famous doll... what do you think about this?
Lolita E.: Hey, thanks for inviting me. I guess that's me :D
Gretii <3: Thanks to you , so.. please, tell us something about you 
Lolita E.: I'm Lolita, 17 and this year I'll be studing politics :)
Gretii <3: Politics! Woah.. why did you choose politics? :) just for curiusouly [sorry for my bad english]
Lolita E.: I like it :D
Gretii <3:  we give you a great good luck for your studies

before the interview :: 
gretii <3: what do you think about my blog, that i thanks you for be a follower :)
Lolita E.: it is nice

thanks to lolita for be able to be interviewed..