mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010

Interview to miss_lolitaF (1part)

first interview , for our Miss_lolitaF
what she think about our blog? Who is She? Where Does She live? & more thinqz.. only here :D

gretii <3: Hi lolita, nice to meet you :) i'm really happy that you accept to be interview by me :) so... we know you as Miss_lolitaF on stardoll, as one of the most famous doll... what do you think about this?
Lolita E.: Hey, thanks for inviting me. I guess that's me :D
Gretii <3: Thanks to you , so.. please, tell us something about you 
Lolita E.: I'm Lolita, 17 and this year I'll be studing politics :)
Gretii <3: Politics! Woah.. why did you choose politics? :) just for curiusouly [sorry for my bad english]
Lolita E.: I like it :D
Gretii <3:  we give you a great good luck for your studies

before the interview :: 
gretii <3: what do you think about my blog, that i thanks you for be a follower :)
Lolita E.: it is nice

thanks to lolita for be able to be interviewed..

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