mercoledì 6 ottobre 2010

Stardoll quick Survey about MUSìC

Hey Everyone!
Today, i'm showing you a mail , that stardoll sent me and i think that you recieved it yet ;D
anyway this mail , is a quick survey about Music -  the possible music tha may can be introuduced on stardoll ;D

Yay.. Well a better thing for stay into Stardoll..
by the way i want to show you the last question

*it's consigliable to zoom it, click on the pic. (:*
by the way, it says : 
"do you approve of lady gaga's recent meat look?"
so guys, are you a gaga's little monster as me and Alex?
click on YES! May we can get the VMA's meat dress of gaga! ;D

i'd love if they can give us

well , by the way that music on stardoll request a payment.. there's a question who ask how much you should and would you pay... please click on 1£ or at least on i don't want to pay for music!

i think that is unfair pay for music that you can free listen on youtube or CDs! >:D

  So What Are you Thinkin' For...?

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